MechaniX Ltd. specializes in the generation of synthetic training data for supervised and unsupervised training of machine learning systems such as deep neural networks and also the development of augmented intelligence environments as reinforcement and imitation learning platforms. 

In the world of AI, data is fuel. Lack of datasets is often cited as the major development obstacle for deep learning systems, and creating and labeling sufficient data from physical testing and other non-algorithmic methods such as photography can be extremely time consuming or impossible. The problem is even worse when the product or process being studied is currently under development, where no physical data exist and subjected to privacy concerns.

Our synthetic training data are created using a variety of proprietary methods. This enables companies developing AI applications to leverage synthetic data to train computers across many use cases, including financial risk management, computer vision, autonomous vehicles and much more.

We are funded by Entrepreneur First, the global deep-tech accelerator backed by Greylock Partners to tackle the big data challenge in A.I.